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    • I do not intend to deny my kids their grandfather. But I do intend to deny them the option to be near him when he may possibly have a gun, or deny them the option to be in a home where I am not sure the gun is secured. When I did talk to him about it last month, and asked for details about it, he was very evasive. This can only let me be less sure that I know it is out of their reach, or safe, etc. If he can persuade me that our family is not put in harm's way by his owning one, then we don't have too big of an issue. So far, he has not.

    • It's not unreasonable to insist that gun owners be safe with them. Grandparents get no special rights allowing them to be unsafe around their grandchildren. If you read the original post, you will see that the grandfather is evading that conversation.