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    • Ryan, this is exactly right. Even those with good intentions increase the chances for mistakes and reduce safety, simply by bringing the gun into the home/office/car/wherever. A friend of mine who is involved with the military has the ability to concealed carry, which I learned only after the fact when he had been in my home. On another occasion, when playing poker, he had also been drinking hard liquor heavily.

      Afterwards, I learned in both occasions he had been armed. That entirely changed the perspective of his entering in my home, and the hard drinking. It doesn't take a scientist to realize drinking hard liquor while having a gun on your person increases risk, or that bringing a gun into someone else's home without disclosure isn't fantastic.

      My message is not that we are coming for everyone's guns. That's a lost cause. But we need to be smarter about it, and very specifically, I don't think this person should have one, and definitely not when my family is there.