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    • Any other mer-swimmers out there? Even if you use a monofin without a skin... I'm not after non swimming cosplayers. I swim twice a week in a pool at Scarborough in Perth, Western Australia. Now that summer is more or less here, I hope to get to the river, estuary and protected ocean. How about you?

    • I kind of knew it was a thing and when I discovered that there was a mer-academy in my city I thought, that's it, life's too short not to have some fun with it, I'm going to be a mermaid for my 50th birthday. My husband thought it was a great lark, so he got himself one too. So got myself a the2tails monofin and skin and had fun with it, did a course and now we feel silly swimming 'normally'. It's tremendous fun. Small children, reactions vary. Most are kind of jaded but some are thrilled.

    • I think it's fun! I've seen a few documentaries / featurettes on professional mer-people and they always seem to be happiest in the water :)