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    • I am not sure if anyone is gearing up for this big astro event this Friday? I no longer have any monster glass that would make the composition most fun weather permitting. But, I am planning to head out on Lake Mead in my kayak at night with a bunch of my camera gear and see what I can muster up for my best photo. So, maybe if you want to post your fav shot afterwards here?

    • Great moon! I had positioned myself accordingly. It was still almost 110ºf at 7:45pm when I left the shore of Boulder Beach heading to Dead Man's Island. The goal was to somehow frame the rising red moon coming up behind the island's profile. The water was close to 86º and the wind picked up significantly. The chop and current (yes, even on a lake) was too disruptive so I headed back to shore. It turns out my 200mm was no match for what I was trying to compose. Even though the red moon looked fabulous to my naked eye, the resulting photos were nothing.
      You just never know.