Correlation isn’t causation but it makes one pause and think. I’m certainly an advocate for increasing the number of females in leadership positions. Recently I was reading an article about companies with more females in leadership positions were doing better on average than those without. Until Donald Trump it was very hard to get females to even consider to run for government but thanks to Trump we are seeing a big increase in this area. What female leaders do you think are doing a great job? What female would you like to see move up the leadership ranks? Females are increasingly outpacing makes in many university programs but there is still progress to be made. Even females in traditionally male dominated careers such as law enforcement are found to have skills that make them better than might be expected. Female officers for example are less threatening to would be criminal offenders and the future drivers are better at deescalating situations. I’ll take Angela Merkel over Trump any day. Michelle Obama and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are certainly influential.