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    • yaypie

      I've watched the first few episodes, but I'm a bit behind.

      I'm a big fan of the original series, the original movies, TNG, and most of DS9. I wanted to like Discovery, and the episodes I've seen have had some promising elements, but overall it doesn't feel like Star Trek to me. I can't stand the new Klingons, and I hate the war storyline.

      I think a good Star Trek show should be fundamentally optimistic and should tell stories that are primarily about people and ideas. Discovery relies heavily on action-driven plotlines and the cynical "oops, you thought Starfleet was good but actually it's full of rotten people doing bad things" trope, which we've seen so many times now that it's just not interesting anymore.

      When I think of the best of Star Trek, I think of episodes like TOS's Journey to Babel, which was about the relationship between Spock and his father, or TNG's The Measure of a Man, which dealt with the question of whether Data should have the same rights as a human man despite being an android.

      I think Discovery has the potential to be great, but right now it feels like it's aimed more at a mass audience that demands an action sequence or space battle every fifteen minutes. I'm not sure if it can tell the kinds of Star Trek stories I love best using that formula.

      That said, I'm a firm believer in not yucking someone else's yum. I totally understand why many people like Discovery and I'm glad they're enjoying it.

    • Eric

      I have also been having trouble getting into the series. I force myself to watch it because I have seen nearly every episode of every series, but I think this one is the least "Star Trek" of them all. When I watch it I try to mentally disconnect the show from the franchise, since the behaviors of pretty much all parties are inconsistent with everything we have seen in the canon. This works ok, but even so, I find that many of the characters behave in really poorly motivated ways. Thinking about a character's background so far, many will simply do whatever is needed to advance the plot, rather than behaving in a way that is consistent with the character.

      That being said, I do have hope for the show. Every star trek so far has had a pretty rough first few seasons. Enterprise was probably the worst offender, but season 4 ended up being one of the best seasons of star trek. Just hoping we don't have to wait 3 whole seasons :).

    • cvdavis

      I started the series with an open mind but started to criticize many aspects of the show. They certainly challenged convention with some of the early plot twists. Since I ordered Crave specifically for watching this series I kept watching and I'm glad I have. It's starting to get deeper into questions of what it means to be human and also explore questions of space and time. Almost every episode is written by a different writer or writers and that may have something to do with it. Fortunately it seems to be getting better with time or maybe it just takes time to develop the characters. It could always be better of course but it's getting better almost every episode.

    • kikoteixeira

      I am a Trekker, but Discovery does not do it for me. In my view it is clearly a cut-and-paste between other sci fi shows, and that lack of originality is pretty disappointing.

    • kikoteixeira

      I have, but I am still turned off. Sorry to dissapoint you there Davis. Save from some rare flashes of poetic hope and optimizm from the Michael character, I feel like I am watching an ordinary show bordering on the trashy.

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