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    • Hi, just a small feedback here about the amount of data loaded on the activity feed. Each time I visit the site there is a very large amount of the activity feed that loads (looks to be 50 posts).

      As someone who has a limited data plan, I can see that becoming an issue especially with several of these posts including pictures when visiting Cake while not on Wi-Fi. Can the default amount of posts shown be decreased to maybe 10 or 20 with perhaps a “load more” button, or automatically load more as you reach the bottom (similar to Facebook)?

    • Great feedback, Dave. Thanks!

      Loading 50 conversations by default is a change we made yesterday and were experimenting with. I think you're right that 50 is a bit much. I also have a change in the works that will avoid loading images until you actually scroll to them, which will help save your data (this will probably have the biggest impact; the feed data itself isn't really that big).

    • We deployed a change today that avoids loading images until they're actually visible. This should help avoid blowing up your data plan, at least until you start scrolling. 😄