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    • Some quick background: back in 2007 due to a side effect my hands were weakened to the point where I couldn't lift a full glass of water, luckily things have improved greatly with a mix of time and medications but it was photography that got me through that time. I was using at first my 2.0 MP LG EnV cell phone camera and then slowly worked my way back up to larger ones. Though I've liked going back to these smaller formats and even shot my senior thesis of street photography with that cell phone printed at 8x10 which was a big technical challenge.

      Today I am still limited as to what camera/lens combos I can use and for how long, so whenever possible I go as light as I can because otherwise my hands can be in pain for days afterwards. That's why the Olympus cameras have been such a great find for me since I can still get quality results with a setup that weighs a fraction of my D750 and its' larger lenses. The latter definitely has some major advantages and lets me shoot in situations that would be impossible otherwise but I can cover more shows with the E-M10 mkII's and that in itself scores some major points for them. Here's a gallery of some that I shot this year, let me know what you think:

    • Thanks Chris! And posting more of them here is cool.

      It was shot with the Olympus 45 F1.8 which is one of my favorite lenses for the system. Also I just turned camera info on for the gallery in case there's any others anyone is wondering about.

    • Great photos.

      I'm so glad you've found a set-up that works for you. I switched to Fuji mirrorless from DSLR around 4.5 years ago and I've never looked back. I get a lot more enjoyment taking my camera places knowing it doesn't weigh a ton.

      I busted my hand in a car accident a couple of years ago and don't think I'd actually be able to hold a DSLR for very long, at least without pain, nowadays. It's so great these smaller, lightweight cameras are making leaps for people who gain real benefits from them.

      Olympus can be so underrated, it's nice to see some great results. :-)