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    • Interesting @StephenL I actually had to search around a while to find the Active filter, since I had the default ( I think ) Interesting filter setting, which as @Apocryphal pointed out is only Interesting for whom? Selected as Interesting by Whom??

      I found myself using the All setting a lot but that is for New topics I think ( or what the AI thought I would find interesting ), not existing Active ones. I have been here on Cake a for a while and I didn't grok that the Interesting filter was a button hiding other choices - hah! I now see the three hash marks that suggest it is a menu item, but they were subtle enough that I have missed them for over a year. Perhaps, expanding the filter to display three seperate buttons for New, Interesting and Active might help us slow learners....rather than hiding them behind a single button.

      I will be using the Active filter much more often now that I know it is there. I see that I can find much more interesting topics that way. Cool!!

      Simple clean systems are attractive, and useful when fully inderstood by users, but can hide features from less knowledgeable users - My Mac does this routinely, and I've used it for decades 😟😎

    • You are right - I had misconceived that. Previously scanning both NEW vs ACTIVE I noticed I didn’t see the new posts, but now I see they are there, just quickly pushed down the list. Which means I should probably flip back and forth between the two not to miss things. NEW really represents ‘new threads’ and ACTIVE really represents ‘new activity’ - the distinction is lost in the single word titles. Anyway, I’ll spend more time with it.