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    • If you own, or are looking to own a KTM exc or Husqvarna 501 and look down at the dash and ask yourself what were the Austrians thinking when they put this together, you won't be the first to have that thought.

      To say it leaves a bit to be desired is being generous, the dash sits way down, almost out of sight, the turn signal light is almost impossible to see and the key switch is located to the right side of the headlight mask in a perfect position to be broken in a fall.

      MotoMinded to the rescue, the devised a simple solution and at $70 it is an absolute no-brainer not to buy it, their Dash Kit

      What does it do?

      relocates the dash upwards, relocates the key to the dash out of harm's way, puts the turn signal idiot light in a position where you can actually see it, also they added a dual USB with integrated volt meter and a switch that you can use however you please...$70!

      ...but before you buy it make sure you have ridden at least once at night to understand stock motorcycle lighting is not the best. MotoMinded has you covered here as well with an array of lighting options, additional support brackets for a bigger brighter headlight as well. Have a click around their site and get all the electrics and lighting cleaned up in one go

      I swapped my stock 1800 lumen light (right) out for a MotoMinded/ BD 9000 lumens set up (left), so good, makes you wonder how you ever did without it

      All MotoMinded parts are designed and made in their Colorado facility

    • I'm interested in the USB/Voltmeter, have been using cheap versions of it and sometimes they simply die off after a few months of use. I'd like something more durable quality-wise.

    • Everything they make is very well thought out for sure, the super mount certainly improves the layout of KTM's wiring mess they stuff behind the light