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    • little did I know few years ago when moving to NC, that I will get more than just a fair share of little creatures! Plenty of spider types too! This conversation made me search through my pile of quite unorganized impromptu pictures.. and here is one I found, it was just sitting on my house wall.. and didn't really seem disturbed whatsoever by me getting very close.

    • The ones that fascinate me most are spiders, and off those, the Wolf Spider we have around here are quite a show! Watching them hunting prey it's a feat, or the late evenings when I mow the lawn real late - their mirriad of green phosphorescent eyes in the beam of the mower's light!

      Few months ago I lost a small piece on my garage floor and while searching for it with a flashlight encountered a mother wolf spider with babies on its back!

      Now, they are not to be considered bugs of course! Sometimes they run away but come back or just duck and hide under some ledge waiting for me to turn away so they can enter, quite smart little critters.

      We also have the black widow which I have managed to avoid getting bitten thus far, they hide usually in shady places but their fluffy unorganized web that looks like a rarefied cotton candy gives their presence away..

      Another one is the zipper line spider, and I had about two or three of these almost ran into.. lol

    • I've been bitten by a black widow, not nice, the way it affected me was in my joints, i could hear them and feel them creaking, very strange sensation...then some muscle stiffening - not recommended!

    • Yikes, luckily they stay outdoors for the most part, and if one makes their way in the garage I usually spot it. I don't really need a bite, my arthritic joints provide sufficient entertainment as is.

    • This is from a frame of a video I shot in my backyard when it was raining and this poor spider was getting blown around.