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    • Today I did something very few people have been able to do: I rode a bike from my home in Taiwan to Holland.

      Well, it wasn't the actual Holland. It's this place about forty kilometres from my home that is called Holland Village when translated from its Chinese name. There's some fields with flowers and a river and a windmill or two...nothing overly exciting but it makes a good destination for a bike ride.

      Unfortunately, at this time of year the flowers aren't in bloom so there were no flowers to look at. I did get a picture of me sitting in a big high-heeled shoe, though.

      Speaking of this time of year, today is the Winter Solstice the first day of winter. I did put an extra shirt (a base layer) on under my cycling jersey and a gillet for the first part of the ride -- it was before six-thirty in the morning when I left home -- but, still, I was wearing shorts during the ride. Three days before Christmas. Taiwan is a great place to ride.

      If you follow the route of my ride this morning, you might notice a funny loop and some backtracking. As we got to the road that would take us to Holland Village, we discovered it was blocked due to being closed and under construction. So we had to get there an alternate way, which meant going back part of the way we hd just come and adding a few kilometres on to the ride.

      For me the was a total of slightly more than eight-six kilometres. Quite the distance, but except for the part right before I get home, it's pretty much all flat. Only 443 metres of climbing and most of that was probably as I was approaching home. So not too bad, except by the time I'm climbing those hills to get home, I already have a few kilometres in my legs am feeling a little tired. Also, for much of the return leg this morning we were riding into the wind.

      But, still, a pretty good ride. I'm glad I went today.

      Relive Link

    • @Pathfinder Thank you! Unfortunately, it looks like it might be raining this Sunday, so I might not make it out that day. The good news is that if I can't go out, I’ll be able to enjoy breakfast with my children.

    • I'm glad to see you are moving - I really think sometimes we have to move to think/feel better

      I deal with seasonal affective disorder sometimes - lack of sunshine in the winter leads me to depression, and the best thing I can do for it (other than more sunshine which is rare in Indiana in January) - is get outside and get moving, even if I don't want to when I start.

      After I've been at it 30 miniutes or so, my mood lightens and I can enjoy the experience.

      Interestingly, I have to relearn this lesson fairly often too 🙀

      I'm on my way out the door right now to take my dog for a long walk - hopefuly 5 miles through the woods. We'll see how far I get. Sun's shining brightly today, so somethings are right with the world.

      Sometimes walking in the rain is quite beneficial - kids seem to love it if the winds isn't ripping around - it is just a matter of having good water resistant clothing -

      I do not want to be cold walking in the rain.