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    • Yeah, he doesn't come across as a laid back and easy going dude. :-) Touches of Messianic complex, too. But, still, ANKOS is a monumental piece of work, and many ideas in there do ring true. Anyways, getting side-tracked here, let's not hijack the thread.

    • I once heard a novel way to look at free will, but its not at all comforting.

      Deriving from Einstein's concept of space-time, it describes this quantity as follows. First take a photograph of the universe. Then, immediately take another and lay the second photograph on top of the first. Repeat to infinity. The block of photos is "space-time".

      From this it emerges that time does not "flow", as such, it is a fixed quantity given by the height of the pile of photographs. At any given moment we are somewhere in the pile, but since the pile already exists, the future must be fixed ahead of us.

      As I say, not comforting. And wreaks havoc with song lyrics comparing time to a river.

      Interesting, though.

    • From Berkeley philosopher John Searle: Next time a waiter asks for your order, try explaining to him that you have no free will and cannot choose.

      I'm not sure anyone still believes in Laplace's Demon, but even if it were to be true, it's irrelevant. Since the outcomes cannot be predicted, all it really says is whatever will be will be, a mere tautology. Crucially, in no way does it absolve us of moral responsibility for our actions.

    • I guess this is how you resolve free will with the concept of a pre-ordained space-time.

      For as long as you cannot perceive the future, it does not matter whether it is fixed or not. If you cannot see the future you have to behave as if you can affect it.

    • Too bad the OP creator is no longer here with us to comment, but the way conversation title was formulated leads me to believe it's meant to be a controversy on whether a person's free will exists or is merely a false perception that person (and others) might actually have, in this regard. By leaving the site he/she actually proves that there is free will he/she exercised (unless they were kicked ;-), we are not just imagining his/her absence.

      To my mind, the discussion part about universe's determinism has nothing to do with free will. I now choose to take a sip from my black Turkish coffee, and no one made me do it, nor did I stumble accidentally onto this cup of coffee...