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    • I flew all over the Caribbean in the 80s and 90s.

      Your bars are waaaay to upscale for my tastes. Nice, but, not where you'd find me.

      My favorite - a crab shack on the beach with no electricity. Just ice, cold beer, crabs and locals. Numerous guitars laying around if you wanted to pick a chord or two. A place where'd you'd run into Jimmy B more often than not.

      Having sailed a fair amount throughout the islands, we avoided any anchorage with restaurants and bars with tourists flown in or offloaded from sardine packed ships. If you had to pay more than 25 USD a night for a bed ashore, you were in the wrong place.

      I like your user name...but I'd omit the "found" part. I'd rather not be "found". I've never been lost, just temporarily disoriented; and that's generally when I find those golden nugget places that warm my heart and make a lasting impression.

    • Loved your photos, made me want to pack my suitcase. This isn’t really a bar, but it is a favorite of many bars we’ve tried. Beautiful view, good drinks, delicious pizza and very, very nice people. Had a few to many and overpaid our bill, our server chased us down the beach to give us the correct change!! “Mac's Pizza & Kitchen“ in Bequia 👍

    • Thanks for the reply! I agree some tend towards swanky but Cow Wreck for sure was a bit of a dive. I do miss the Caribbean about now! Lucky you were able to spend so much time there!

    • In the 90's we owned scuba resort off the Malay peninsula, during the Northeast monsoon we would close for 2-3 months, we would spend many monsoons in the Caribbean.

      We had a few friends who ran charter boats in the US VI and the BVI, we would boat hop between charters and help with maintenance and cleaning.

      In those days you could only get to the soggy dollar bar by swimming ashore, they had a line strung up above the bar with clothes pegs.

      You would take your wet notes out of your swimmers and hang them up to dry as you ordered drinks the bartender would help himself to a few soggy dollars and leave the change on the counter. It was a very laid back bar they had a fantastic selection of beach games and different boats would compete against each other for the next round of drinks.

      The menu was about 4 items cooked on a BBQ beside the bar and they only had a few T-shirts on hangers, no shop or restaurant like now, the beer was cold and the rum painkillers were wicked, they were fun times.

      There was often naked swimming back to boats after a few rounds at the SDB.

      Normally followed by a return swim because you forgot that you still had a few fifty's hanging on the line🤪

    • Just thought of another one, the vessel William Thornton- AKA "Willy T"

      The William Thornton was an old character ship/bar anchored in the BVI

      Sadly lost to the 2017 to Hurricane.

      There is now a new version, it will be a hard act to follow.

      The old drinking song on the Willey T went:

      There was a lot on the bar when we came.. Slap both hands on the bar twice -then down a shot.

      But when we left, there was none ... Bang forehead on the bar twice.


      The head never felt great in the morning after a big night at the Willy T 🤕