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    • I can remember few instances when i encountered very interesting characters in street, when i could stop, take camera out of bag and take the picture. The memory of these missed opportunities still haunt me. I was in similar situation last week while travelling around Grand Trunk Road. While cruising through a single lane road, my wandering eyes spotted a small hut and a boy feeding his “Asil Chicken”, a revered chicken breed in Pakistan, it is also used in domestic fight competitions. I just passed the scene and kept cruising while constantly thinking about why i am repeating the mistake i have always made, finally took the turn and came back while boy was still feeding the chicken.

    • I always have 70-200 attached to my camera, i realized long shadow of bicycle was so dramatic and worth a capture. After introduction, took a close-up portrait of Danial and his pet chicken, stood up and started walking towards my ride to grab a wide angle, car was parked few meters from the compound. The moment i left the premises, i saw a young boy laying in a flower bed (he was not there few minutes back) i couldn’t see him breathing and shouted for help, Danial arrived and confirmed the boy was his neighbor. Thankfully he recovered after first aid, then i finally changed the lens and took the photo. I continued my journey with a great satisfaction and experience i will never forget.

    • Asil Chickens are not easy to handle, one of my relatives who was fond of raising Asil was once attacked by Asils, leaving scratches all over his back, he recalls the experience as attacked by some long nailed witch.

    • I'm glad you were there for the boy in the flower bed!

      This photo is wonderful with the boy positioned within the bicycle shadow.

    • Great photos, Awais. I especially love hearing the stories behind them. I would never have known about these chickens or why a boy like that would be raising one.

      I know we live in an age of Instagram selfies and they are enormously popular, but these are the photos and stories that have meaning to me.

    • Great set of images and story. While the bicycle shadow frame is very interesting, I really like the first image with the white dog peaking around the corner of the building - a great secondary subject just out of focus but clearly a canine. Well done @Awais !!

    • Thanks guys! Fiction or reality there is something that goes with every photo. I am trying to give text to all of my photos and improving my writing. Cake seems to be excellent place to start. :)