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    • After getting a Sony RX100 Mark V, I realized that I needed a wrist strap right away to keep the camera from slipping away and secure in my hand. Even though my Sony RX100 already has an accessory rubber finger grip, which helped, it didn’t provide enough security. When hiking, biking, or even just walking around, I always worry about dropping the camera. So a wrist strap is a must for me.

      Why not get a neck strap? I tried so many over the years as a professional photographer and never really liked them. They hang around the neck all day and bounce when moving. In my opinion, they are an overkill for compact cameras. The whole point of getting a camera like Sony RX100 or Canon PowerShot G7 is to keep it in a pocket, discretely, and ready for action.

      I used the following criteria for choosing a compact camera strap:

      1. Lightweight and minimal.

      2. No abrasive parts. Any hard materials like metal or plastic could scratch the screen or a body of the camera when stored in a pocket.

      3. Durable and comfortable.

      VKO Cotton Camera Hand Strap checked off all three requirements. I bought one for $9, and I'm loving it. I've only used it for a few sessions, but I'm optimistic that it will last a long time. I’m not sponsored by VKO or associated with the company in any way. 

    • Another strap that I tried was Peak Design Cuff Wrist Strap that I use on my Sony A7s only checked off two out of three requirements. It has an aluminum cinch system and a plastic Anchor link that can easily scratch the screen. I love that strap, but it just doesn't work well for Sony RX100, I tried. 

    • VKO Cotton Camera Strap comes in a ziplock bag. No point in spending extra dollars for a fancy packaging only to discard it.

    • The small loop that straps around the camera is made of flexible material (nylon?). The cinch and anchor are made of microfiber leather. The rest of the strap is all cotton. It is almost 8" (20 cm) long and weights 0.4 ounces (11 grams).

    • Installing this strap is straightforward. But not all straps can fit inside the small strap hole on the side of the camera. I found this out the hard way after trying a couple of other wrist straps that laid around in my camera gear. This strap fit right in, although I used a pin to pull it through.

    • After installing the strap, I thought it was too long when compared to the size of the camera. But I was wrong. The length is perfect when looped around the wrist. Any shorter and I would have to bend the wrist uncomfortably.

    • The VKO strap feels very comfortable around the wrist. The cotton is soft and thick, so it doesn’t dig into the skin.

      The leather cinch is useful, but it doesn’t work as nicely as it does on my Peak Design Cuff. I can’t complain since it is made of leather instead of aluminum, and that is what I wanted.

      If you have a favorite wrist strap for a compact camera or even a small mirrorless camera, please share it here with us.

    • While I don't use a wrist strap I do use a neck lanyard. I'm also not a professional photographer, I'm a point and shoot type of gal. I take a lot of shots with the hope of capturing something halfway decent and I succeed often, although not top quality. The pics are to share and for my memories.

      I use Rancco Quick Release Phone Neck Strap Lanyard. When I use it for on the fly type photos I can grab the camera and if needed drop it with no issue. If I want to get a little more precise I can quickly disconnect the camera.

    • Most of my photos are taking while riding motorcycles, hiking, and camping. I used to do the same while I snowmobiled however I no longer snowmobile. My camera has to be rugged to live through what I put it through. I use a waterproof camera. To keep the screen from being scratch I use a plastic screen saver designed for phones cut to size. I got mine at the dollar store.

      To make it easier to add the cord to the camera I have used a split ring designed for jewelry making found at Michaels or Hobby Lobby type stores.

      I also add a cord lock so I can adjust the length of the cord.

    • looks like they've changed the design, mine doesn't have that metal buckle, mine is plastic like it was when originally released..the Kickstarter version wonder why they changed it.

      If it had the metal buckle I wouldn't have bought it for the reason you say, potential scratching