I love Halloween! I've always been attracted to the creativity of the holiday, from the creepy to the quirky. Not to be a downer, but last year my house burned down in October, so Halloween sort of sucked. Not having a neighborhood anymore is a pretty big downer, so this year we wanted to make the most of it being that we have a 10 month old and it was his first Halloween. Even though our neighborhood is fragmented and people are spread out all over, many of us came together last night for a Trunk-or-Treat event.

Instead of decorating our houses, we decorated the trunks of our cars and lined up on the streets next to some of the standing houses. My husband and I went all out. I'm talking pumpkins, purple and orange lights, giant spooky skeleton heads that make scary sounds, tons of (flameless, obviously) candles, and massive amounts of candy. We dressed my son up as Dumbo, I was a scarecrow and my husband was David S. Pumpkins (any questions?).

The event was unbelievably fun. It was so special in fact, that we talked with all our neighbors about how next year when we are all back in our houses after they're done being rebuilt, we're going to continue the tradition. Not so much trick-or-treating from the trunks of our cars as much as hanging out outside, all together as neighbors. After you do it that way, you really have to wonder why the holiday has become just waiting in your house for the doorbell to ring. We could be outside hanging out with our neighbors, getting to know the families that we live near, making new friends and watching our kids play with the other kids in the neighborhood. When you experience Halloween this way, it's hard to imagine ever going back.

Do you have any alternative Halloween traditions?