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    • The very first thing I do when I get a new camera (after I enter the mandatory date/time information and my copyright, of course) is to adjust the diopter, that little wheel that you can turn next to your viewfinder. This lets you customize the sharpness of what you see through the viewfinder for your eyes. While it’s especially handy for people who wear glasses or contacts, adjusting your diopter is something everyone should do, as it will help you optimize what you see through the viewfinder.Here's how to achieve the best, most accurate results:

    • Since I jumped in to the fairly deep end when it comes to photography(I bought a D500 as my first camera last winter), I think it was a wise decision to sit here with it on my lap, and watch plenty of videos on the camera before I ever took my first picture. Getting that set up correctly was one of the many things I did that probably helped me more than I know.