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    • I expect a lot of future Cake users to talk news. So far it seems like a rare thing. Political news should one day be non stop coversation.

    • Remember, it's the early days here on Cake. In these times there are going to be a lot of varying topics by only a handful of users. Some may seem interesting to you, but not to others, and vice versa.

      Not everybody is interested in politics. And even when some of us are, some like myself choose to use our time on Cake to talk about things that make us feel good instead of being stuck in an endless anxiety loop of political whiplash.

      When the personalized feeds are in place you'll be able to find many more people and conversations that align with whatever your interests are.

    • As @adam mentioned, the politics will undoubtedly be popular on Cake just not at this stage. I personally stay away from this topic because of being oversaturated with it everywhere else. Here I like to talk about things that are interesting to me like cycling, motorcycles, design and photography. Occasionally I'll tune in to conversations outside of those interests.

    • Not quite as early as yesterday. 😋 The feed is now tabbed so you see all and for you (just topics you follow). And we changed the feed so one post can't rocket an old conversation to the top of your feed. But you can always follow conversations and find them by tapping the star.

      One thing people say is they are allergic to seeing stuff they don't want to see.

    • I’m totally ok with it being mostly void of politics as vilen has stated there is an oversaturation everywhere else. It’s actually a nice change to come some where that isn’t just 24-7 politics!

      Im sure it will get there and hopefully by then I’m able to filter that stuff off my feed :) haha

    • I feel like there is a void of objective political discussion. Where the pros and cons are factually debated. I would love to see people who could debate both sides of the argument do so.

      I find CNN, FoxNews and Facebook are all equally useless when it comes to educating myself on policy.

      Where do you guys go to read objective news and debate?

    • That's a tough one, isn't it? I can think of several audio programs I listen to, such as Forum on NPR, Pod Save America, and Stay Tuned with Preet. The thing with all of them is there is a portion where they debate with a few guests and another portion where they open it to the best audience questions.

      If only there were a text version of that on the Internet. Can you imagine? The thing with the Internet is it's the only venue where there is an expectation that anyone can join the conversation, but in debates like this you only want to hear from a small number of informed, rational people.

    • I don't think there is any one source but you have to read articles from news sources on both sides of the political spectrum and decide for yourself. Very annoying indeed. If you find a good site that argues different angles of each item then I'd love to hear about it.