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    • One day a guy showed up in the pre-dawn hours for a walk across the Golden Gate. He had a small camera backpack with tripod and a Canon Rebel with a cheap fisheye. He said he had the urge to take a photo from the top of the North Tower, so he hopped on the cable mid-span and walked to the top.

      He took a few pics, sent me this one, and said he spent 20 minutes at the top soaking in the feeling of being where he always dreamed of being. Then he walked back down the cable and blended in with the rest of the pedestrians.

      Anyone else get this urge when visiting the bridge?

    • No. Not even a little bit. In fact, it would be a bad dream to be stuck up there. After not being in a tall building for years, I stayed one night at the Mandarin in SF, years ago. They had a full-length window on my floor. I almost passed out just standing in front of it. So no, I've never had a yen to climb to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge.