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    • I have used the black/ screen white text on my Kindle app in my iPad for years - especially reading in bed with the lights turned off. A bright white screen in the dark really is an anathema.

      This is why I only use dark themes in a dark environment. Of course I don't use my phone a lot once the lights go out when I'm ready for bed, but when I'm in a cinema and I text before the movie starts, having a dark theme in Telegram is useful. Similar to how Google Maps in a dark theme is great for driving at night. I just don't like using dark themes during the day.

    • DIfferent strokes for different folks πŸ™‚ - I have used the black screen white text on my iPad for reading hundreds of books over the years, whether in lighted or dimly lit rooms. When I am sunbathing, I do, sometimes, prefer a white screen with black text, but thats about the only time anymore.

      The beauty of a modern computer is that you should be able to configure your screen the way YOU prefer it. No right or wrong here, just which taste do you prefer.

      Dark screens in a car at night of course, but no screens in a car at night are better I think. I get very annoyed by how bright some instrument panels in vehicles are at night anymore when turned down as far as possible - even the blue high beam indicator light can be annoying.

      On my desktop, I like Dark Mode, even though here on Cake I have a default white screen with black text. I can be flexible. 😁