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    • So where do you stand? Are you excited that both Android and iOS will natively support system-wide dark mode? Or are you like me, and you really couldn't care less about system-wide dark modes as long as the apps you use have an automatic dark mode?

      I love dark themes for all apps, and have switched all individual apps to a dark theme as soon as it became available (Google News and YouTube very early on, now Calendar and Keep, probably some others along the way).

      I like the general idea of Material Design to have much whitespace and some bright colors to draw attention to UI elements. However, when all of that whitespace is actually bright white, and all the colors are highly saturated, and there's not even much in terms of drop shadow or borders to break this up (even worse in Google's variant of MD than in the general definition), then I have better things to do than have my retinas burned out all day. :D

      You are right, dark-themed apps just don't look as fun as their light-themed alternatives - the colors of the Google Calendar widget on my home screen really look off - but at the same time, it is much more readable for me, and I wouldn't want to switch back.

      For me, a system-wide dark mode would just be easier to handle, because I plan on having all my apps in dark mode, anyway.

    • It's 'dark all the things!' for me. Yes, its battery saving on OLED screens, but I mostly like the aesthetics, and accidentally opening a light-themed app at night with all the lights in the room turned off is just brutal, eye-searing experience.

      As soon as an app gets dark mode, I'm all over it.

      But, making a big deal about it when introducing a new OS? Well, that's just a great demonstration of where the innovation is when it comes to phones these days. I guess they didn't have any new emoji to show off. :-)

    • In 2007, I spent a weekend in Toronto at a Luminous Landscape workshop offered by Michael Reichman, featuring Jay Maisel as the main speaker. Before the workshop began, I was talking with Mr Reichman about his print sales in his gallery, and asked if the color of the matting that the image is displayed within, has any affect on his print sales. He said his prints ( regardless of the image displayed ) with BLACK matts, outsell all other by almost 10 to 1. He was so emphatic, that I still remember our conversation to this day. And all my prints in my home, since that day, get mounted with black matts. I still prefer the black matts.

      Needless to say, I preferred the black/dark grey mode on Smugmug, and still do. I probably need to update my Smugmug display mode someday...

      And I look forward to dark mode on my hand held devices as well.

      I have used the black/ screen white text on my Kindle app in my iPad for years - especially reading in bed with the lights turned off. A bright white screen in the dark really is an anathema.

      JMHO 🙄

    • as someone who spends a large amount of time each day on advrider i'm sure happy to have dark mode as the default.

    • I have used the black/ screen white text on my Kindle app in my iPad for years - especially reading in bed with the lights turned off. A bright white screen in the dark really is an anathema.

      This is why I only use dark themes in a dark environment. Of course I don't use my phone a lot once the lights go out when I'm ready for bed, but when I'm in a cinema and I text before the movie starts, having a dark theme in Telegram is useful. Similar to how Google Maps in a dark theme is great for driving at night. I just don't like using dark themes during the day.

    • DIfferent strokes for different folks 🙂 - I have used the black screen white text on my iPad for reading hundreds of books over the years, whether in lighted or dimly lit rooms. When I am sunbathing, I do, sometimes, prefer a white screen with black text, but thats about the only time anymore.

      The beauty of a modern computer is that you should be able to configure your screen the way YOU prefer it. No right or wrong here, just which taste do you prefer.

      Dark screens in a car at night of course, but no screens in a car at night are better I think. I get very annoyed by how bright some instrument panels in vehicles are at night anymore when turned down as far as possible - even the blue high beam indicator light can be annoying.

      On my desktop, I like Dark Mode, even though here on Cake I have a default white screen with black text. I can be flexible. 😁