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    • That was fascinating. I now officially worship Kara Swisher and her swashbuckling, no-BS ways.

      BTW, this question from the audience captures the kind of thing I sense coming out of the Silicon Valley subculture nowadays. And I think the interlocutor's first response is exactly what I feel.

      Chris: I’m Chris. You have made mention before of being
      fatigued from news and that potential resource being repleted. Sam, you
      mentioned the exponential growth curve, I think a nod to the
      singularity. The Weinstein brothers make mention of the sense-making
      apparatus when referring to the news. And I think the disruption of the
      economics that publishing news today. When you believe are going to be
      the upcoming sense-making apparati of dealing with the increasing
      intentional load we’re going to see as our growth exponentially expands?

      Manny Yekutiel: Does someone want to repeat that question?