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    • Sadly, our Google+ Community has gone away as of April 2nd of 2019. Because Google+ is no longer (*RIP Google+*), I have created a new site for the sharing of our projects on 

      If you are reading this, then I assume you got my invitation in your Delta email and have made it to the appropriate site. Please use this community to share your projects and communicate with the class.

      I apologize for the change. Please take a moment of silence for Google+.


    • I didn't have much trouble with this project, other then some of the code I had to modify slightly to allow this to work properly and format properly. I occasionally had to look at the solution files to find some typos I had. At the end of chapter 13 everything was working properly however now the pending orders area doesn't seem to work again and I don't really know why.

      I loved the opportunity to see how to make a program like this and be able to do it, espically with the formatting it has. If I was to change anything to make it more unique I would change the css color scheme and maybe add some more flavor shots and for this case of this project remove the email address required @ website. Like the book I used @bignerdranch to follow along easier.

    • I always struggled with missing something simple like a semi-colon or a misspelled word that would prevent the site from working. I'm not sure I fully understand the final section on Promises but it will be something to study further in the future.

      I'm happy that my final site is working and actually communicating with the server. It could be interesting to play more with the page and make it more colorful or coffee themed. It's disappointing the site still doesn't deliver coffee.

    • Hi Anesia. Looks good! I see you have a much larger caffeine rating scale than I have on my site. :-) Sorry the pending orders isn't working. As I mentioned in my post I'm always ending up with tiny typos that keep my code from working.

    • Here is the finished CoffeeRun site. I didn't really have any problems with anything in the book. I've added a few UI enhancements from the extra challenges in the book as well as a check to use the backup local data store if the remote server is unreachable. Overall I've had fun creating the JavaScript for the site and I think I'm going to continue reading on to learn Node.js!

    • I like how your website actually worked properly like it's supposed to! It looks nice! It would have been a little helpful if you said in your two paragraphs tho that the email address allowed was bignerdranch incase you changed that something else inside of your code.

    • file:///C:/Users/ckayf/AppData/Local/Temp/67100730-ac88-4fe0-898e-574f040a5ce5/scripts/index.html

      Throughout the course of making this site, I did run into a few problems with having it run properly. Most of the time some issues were that I forgot punctuation or a word was spelled wrong. Other than that, I did not have many issues with creating this site. The only thing that I was not able to have working was the pending orders part.

      After finishing this project, I am glad that I was able to have it set-up correctly with the way it was supposed to look. I loved the idea of learning how to set something like a coffee order up online. I found it to be very useful when and if I ever create a website that uses this type of format. It was very enjoyable for me to learn more about how to create this type of site.

    • In order to your share your site with us you need to upload it to the delta web server so we can view it ourselves. Do you know how to? If not I think you can go back to the Ottergram Project when we were supposed to share that for instructions. If not I can try to help you to the best I can!


      Sorry, for whatever reason my link is broken and i can't find anything wrong in filezilla.

      Anyways, it wasn't too hard getting the site to work, i did have some issues with seemingly random errors that just ended up fixing themselves later. Also some other issues i discovered were simply miss-spelled words, bad punctuation, syntax, or forgetting brackets/parentheses.

      It is definitely satisfying to see something that you work on for a while come to life and work how you wanted it to.

    • Did you double check all of your spelling for your link? It could be a simple spelling error or not properly uploaded to the server did you use s for the host? If you need a reference on how to type the link once you know the host is correct use my post! (Username would be what you use to login to elearning and portal)

    • I had no major issues over-all. I was able to add a fair amount to my skill set, which will be nice for some personal projects I am working on. I enjoyed the JS and the node.js parts of the projects the most.

      My only issue came with node.js and trying to run it on Windows10. For everyone else's information, you cannot run node.js on Windows10 unless the account is a local account, as apposed to making an account with an MS email address. (has to do with admin privileges)

    • Well done. It looks like you may have taken a few of the challenges along the way. I was hoping I would get to see someone do that, as I did not.

      I also agree that it was a satisfying project.