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    • While some of the places I would like to shoot are off limits right now - I have been getting to many of my preferred walking and shooting locations. I have been staying away from closed places and from places where there are too many people and where people have been ignoring the "wear masks" advice.

      Yesterday I visited Fuller Gardens, located just off the coast in New Hampshire. I tried to visit there two weeks ago but when I arrived I found they had blocked off half of the spots in the parking lot and there was no place to park. Yesterday it was gray and threatening rain so I figured (I hoped!) I would be able to get in. When I arrived I was the only visitor. It was an awesome day to visit the flowers.

    • my usual haunts were off limits for a while, so I could actually feel the difference, 😂 Not that there was anybody to photograph on the street in any case. Much better now though with people starting to go out again