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    • Thank you for your response. I thought the UK wanted to make several foods and beveridges much more difficult for legal age adults to purchase, in larger sizes. Perhaps I misunderstood.

      Like you, I, fully, approve of encouraging healthier purchasing choices, and the legal restriction of children from purchasing many items including, but not limited to, - alcohol, tobacco, sugar laden food and drinks, most over the counter and prescription drugs, ammunition, etc.

      I do absolutely fully approve of governmental regulation of food and drugs to insure their safety, and cleanliness during and after harvesting and packaging, and for their contents to be accurately and fully described in simple language, capable of being understood by most adults.

      I am all for folks making healthier choices, but I have my doubts that all of the public are really interested in having someone else make those choices for them, beyond insuring that food is clean, clearly matches the labelling on the package, and is reasonably believed as safe to consume by many people. This would encompass sugary foods and drinks, alcohol - beer, wine, distilled product etc - tobacco and inhaled drugs like nicotine or others that may be marketed, as well as cannabis derived products. I have no interest in most of these items, but many folks, obviously, do.

      I do have a strong belief that we - the people - need far more close monitoring of what, exactly, is in most of our generic drugs that many of us receive via prescription, but that are often made overseas, under very strong price competition, in India, China, and Mexico.

      We should not have to be concerned about carcinogens in generic medications, but there have been enough recalls due to contamination, that that concern, does not seem to be the case.

      Once again, Thank you for taking the time to respond, I suspect I have more free time as a retiree than a young mother.

      I have been told that if one rides a motorcycle, in Germany - The German Federal DOT legally requires an operator's license AND DOT approved riding apparel - jacket, riding pants, helmet with face shield, gloves etc - Otherwise, if one is injured in an accident, without proper DOT approved riding apparel, one has no German state approved health insurance coverage. Thus the consequences of a poor choice are not subsidized by the state health service.

      Is the day coming in America, when similar health choices might be arbitrated by the state as a price for a single payer plan?