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    • Strange to say for a guy who doesn’t like loud pipes, the audio tone means a lot to me and I bet it does to most riders. When a Tesla whooshes by with only tire noise, I miss a subdued but throaty rumble.

      Harley to the rescue. It just wouldn’t be right to transition from throaty v-twin sound to silence. According to Josh, they spent a lot of time configuring the gearset in the front of the motor so it produces a sexy (to my ears) sound of an electric turbine. I love it. 

      There are a lot of beautiful touches, like the way the lights are attached rigidly to the swingarm. I could have stared at the finishing touches for hours, but we only had one. In person you can really see how finely crafted it is.

      Honestly, despite the beautiful satin paint, would I go orange? Don’t you think this silver & black with red highlight is more sexy? I do.

      Now for the big Q: would I buy one? Hmmm. I’m an adventure guy who loves both on and off road riding. I have a Ural at home for the dog and grandkids. But sometimes I fly to cities and rent a street bike, and I sure as Hell would rent one of these. 

      The price, at $29,799, is going to make a lot of riders think twice. The dealers say they’re getting good pre-orders, whatever that means. I live in the Silicon Valley and I can think of quite a few Tesla-driving people who, if they wanted a new electric motorcycle, would want a LiveWire.

    • amazing photos and write-up. Def. not my look but still way cool. And, worst case, this provides legit corp interest to other OEM's like Kaw, Suz, Yam, etc to see if they can expand their demographic. I think a "dual-sport" 500-650cc equiv would be perfect for what I like.

      And, with your badazz Ural....since those are kinda made to putt around....just think if you could easily get 200+ miles on your side-car bike. The possibilities are endless if OEM's will get out of their comfort zones and INVEST in the future. It is coming whether they want to admit it or not.

    • I wish we could have played with the head unit. It was off because it was still in development, but the promo videos and pics got my attention. It will show a lot more than basics (speed, range, mode, etc.).

      When connected via Harley’s Connect app, it provides turn-by-turn visual directions. I imagine it will also show things like Caller ID so evil robocallers can die in my voicemail. 

      H-D Connect is a subscription service (first year free). But, hey, peace of mind that no one has bumped the bike or worse… If your ride does get ripped, at least you’ll know where it is in real time.

    • There are three color options but only Vivid Black stole my heart. The Orange Fuse and Yellow Fuse, cool-sounding matte finishes, but not as timeless.

    • I believe there is a special deal for the cases where significant other doesn’t approve the expense. Just reframe it as a “combo deal” for the kids. Who would say NO to the kids, right? 😉

    • I have to say that Harley-Davidson’s StaCyc 16” electric bike looked a lot nicer in person. I wish when I was growing up I had one. Kids these days are so lucky!

    • That must be the display on the LiveWire—my grandkids’ Stacycs don’t have those. 😄