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    • He confirmed as did the Palace that he indeed tested positive for COVID-19, but he is certainly keep positive about the who thing, his twitter -

    • A friend of mine in Australia said the news about Prince Charles came across a little differently!

    • He is a wit.

      His alternative speech is quite amusing. I had no idea the Prince had such a sense of humor.

      Your Future King tested positive for the coronavirus after showing mild symptoms right off the bat (no pun intended), which included sweating like a Royal in Pizza Express and coughing like a barking corgi. Thankfully, one seems to be in much better health, having remained in ‘good spirits’ throughout the isolation procedure – namely a large gin and tonic. That wasn’t the corona-tion one was expecting, but if anything, it conclusively proves that COVID-19 is now heir-born.

      When Boris Johnson grounded the UK until further notice, many of you were instructed to self-isolate until all of this is over – although most have been doing that since he became the Prime Minister anyway. Since testing positive with coronavirus, one can confirm he will continue to run the Government from the inside of his fridge.

    • I wonder how his mother feels about his making Johnson jokes. She tries to maintain neutrality regardless of her personal feelings.

      I really don't understand what benefits the UK gets from having a monarch. If the monarch had any power that was not merely ceremonial or symbolic then it might make sense, but their flag or the stone under the throne seems to have equal potency with the monarch.

      Sometimes I think the monarch should be called the royal subject because it appears that the monarch is subject to the PM whose power from a practical standpoint comes from the electorate giving his party more commons members than the other parties, making the monarch (and the monarch's family) the electorate's puppet.