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    • Fun fact: the photo you included in your post is from The Last Bookstore, which is a fantastic place in Los Angeles. It's a bookstore housed in a converted bank, so some of the old safes are rooms for certain types of fiction.

      It's filled with wonderful nooks and crannies, as well as artistically arranged titles.

      I highly recommend making the time to stop by if you're ever in the Downtown Los Angeles area.

      Bonus: the upper level also houses some art galleries as well!

    • I do all of my reading on a Kindle anymore so I do all of my book shopping on Amazon.

      The reason for the Kindle, despite the fact that I do think reading printed books makes for a more pleasurable reading experience, is that here in Taiwan English books are hard to find (at least in the genre I want, which is fantasy) and whe I do find them, they are quite expensive. The selection of Kindle books is both much better and much cheaper. Also, with carrying a backpack on scooter to get to work, a Kindle is both lighter and easier to take with me.

    • Kindle is a format available for the free books on the Gutenberg.or website. Since Taiwan's copyright law uses the life plus fifty years rule, the same comments I made to Jazli would also apply to your use of the Gutenberg kindle books. If the author died prior to January 1, 1969 you could probably legally download any of his or her writings.

    • I've used for used books or those that might be out of print. The website serves as a clearinghouse for book dealers in the US and UK. Many of the dealers ship for free; others charge more for shipping than the book itself. I also download ebooks and audiobooks from my local library. The print books are available in Kindle format. A good way to check out and/or discover new authors is to subscribe to a list like or Both offer free or low-priced books available for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.

    • Like many here Amazon and Kindle rank high on my book vendor list.

      One thing I do fairly often on Amazon, is check out if the book I am interested in is available as a 2nd hand boook via one of the many 2nd hand used book vendors on Amazon. These are frequently smaller private bookstores, some are thrift shops and some are selling used library books. If I am just looking for an entertaining fictional story, or maybe a Photoshop book, or another book I may not want to keep forever, then a used book in good condition can be pretty inexpensive. Some will ship for free with PRIME, but most will add the mailing charges for delivery which is usually about $4 bucks. Shipping seems to have gone up a buck recently.

      On Kindle many of the books from the 19th century that are beyond copyrite protection are frequently free, or just a buck or two. I purchased "A Journey in the Back Country" by Frederick Law Olmstead for 99 cents. This book described Olmstead's journey through the southern US in the late 1850's before the Civil War. This was the third volume he wrote about his extensive travels in  Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and the back country of the Carolinas and Virginia. 
      He wrote a separate volume about his travels in Texas. Just imagine travelling alone, on horseback or foot, as a Northern reporter for a New York newspaper, through the slave states and sleeping on used straw beds in taverns at night......

      "Bleak House" by Charles Dickens was free.

      I found "The Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley" by Davis and Squier published in the 1840s for $1.06 It describes an extensive survey by the Smithsonian Museum to study the mound builders forts in the Ohio Valley 1830s shortly after the creation of the NorthWest Territories.

      Many of these older books are not even available at my local libraries...