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    • I always feel like I'm copping out with some of these. Far too many choices to pick just one. I read a lot when I was younger. A lot. I used to take part in the MS Readathon over the summer (it's still a thing) and always had around 20-30 books read. In fact, I'm pretty sure I still have one of my pledge papers to show how much I raised.

      As for singling out one book. Geez. For some reason as I write this and think about it the James Herriot series of books, All Creatures Great And Small stands out. I loved those books, learning about animals and the veterinary field and the geography of Yorkshire. All described so wonderfully.

    • I'm most grateful for a book written by Rich Roll called Finding Ultra. It is an inspiring personal account of a midlife transformation. Narrated by the author it had such an emotional impact on me that it changed my perspective on life. So many books out there offer such a promise and almost none deliver. But this one really resonated with me.

      I've stumbled upon it a few years ago as an Audible suggestion for my reading list. I've listened to it a few more times since and each time I love it more and more. In many ways, I live by it.

    • That's a great story and love hearing when books like this actually do make an impact. I'm going to have to look it up to see if it can motivate me to get active again. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Back when I was an undergrad at U of Utah, I got asked to speak in public for the first time and it terrified me. The thought of it made it hard to breathe. I went to the main library on campus and found a book on public speaking.

      It said you want to paint a picture in the audience's mind. The greatest story ever told is David and Goliath: a young fair boy slays a giant. Nervous energy is good because it gives you energy and gets you to prepare. Love the audience, be vulnerable and passionate, use simple words.

      That book changed my life and I still remember so many things in it but AFTER READING IT I RETURNED IT TO THE LIBRARY AND FORGOT THE TITLE!!

      Sometimes I wonder if it wasn't one of Dale Carnegie's public speaking books.

    • Funny it made such an impact but you don't remember which book it is.

      I just want to say thank you for your activity and interaction, I know you're working to make this site work because it's yours but you could be more off hands and let it take its course with the users. Instead, you're choosing to be involved and help us all see the potential here. It means a lot.

    • Wow that's a tough question. I wonder what book has changed my life the most at reading. What book has had the most lasting effect on my life... What book do I reflect on the most... I think Richard Dawkin's book The Selfish Gene has probably had the biggest butterfly effect on my life. It got me interested in reading more evolution books, solidified my interest in science, led to a deeper interest in studying critical thinking as a life long interest and probably influenced my becoming a science teacher. All of the aforementioned things or interests have had a serious influence on my life. Dawkin's remains my favourite scientist - probably because of that first book of his that I read.