Here for your learning and reading pleasure are some top parenting tips from Cake users.  I scoured the archives to find those that solved a nagging problem, a pain point, or improved the quality of life for both parent and child.  I’ve also thrown in some humor, as a sense of seems to be good for the soul.

I start us off with a quick meal when it’s only two family members eating, you’ve got ten minutes to cook and a microwave—yes, you can actually cook some things BETTER nuked than in the oven(!).

A few secrets from @amacbean16 on how to successfully transition your toddler from crib to bed.  It’s a huge adjustment for both child and parent and the tips can make it a little less frustrating for everyone.

If robocalls are interrupting quality time with the kids, or taking away your brief moments of quiet time in the house, here’s some good news for Android users.


The wonderful garden you started with your kids is now overrun with SLUGS.  You go looking to the fridge for a solution and come back with … beer? @RussP promises that he has the trap that will remove the offending gastropods.

Pets.  You know when you want your cat to not eat the edible makeup it’s wearing?  Of course you do! @Victoria has the secret how to from Pet Sematary’s animal trainers.

Picky eaters won’t finish their plates.  It’s a nightly battle for many families. @amacbean16 has found success with implementing the rule, “no seconds until they finish their firsts.”