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    • The last console I played on was the good ol' PS2. Since then I've been a PC gamer, and up until earlier this year I exclusively played video games on my PC. Now I got a PS4, and I've already completed three games on it. If you read my previous post where I asked what kind of gamer you are, you won't be surprised by this list of games I've played.

      Horizon Zero Dawn

      The first game I played on the PS4 was Horizon Zero Dawn. When I got this game I knew absolutely nothing about it, other than the fact that we play as a redhead with a bow and arrow in some sort of wilderness setting. That's it. But I remember the game being praised as one of the best games in recent years, so I took a leap of faith and got it. And I absolutely loved it.

      The story was intriguing and very well written. Set in the future, mankind regressed back to the stone age, living in tribes, worshipping the sun, using primitive tools, the only signs of our current civilisation were ruins of old buildings and machines that acted as animals. Nobody knows where these machines came from, and nobody knows what happened to the old civilisation, or mankind, whom the characters in the game referred to as "the old ones". Throughout the game we uncover what happened to humanity, why civilisation regressed, and why our character, Aloy, is key to all the events that unfolded throughout the game.

      The gameplay was challenging, but also very fun and satisfying. Aloy was so fun to play as. She was a badass, witty, and an ace with a bow and arrow. The game is an open world explorer, so we ran around various areas on the map, hunted machines, fought off factions of bandits, visited all kinds of tribes which lived in very different ways. The missions were really fun, the combat was satisfying, it was just a really, really fun game to play. After completing the main game I continued with the DLC which served as a great conclusion to my time with the game. Loved it.

      The Last Of Us

      Compared to Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us was a lot more cinematic, more story driven, and focused less on gameplay in my opinion. I enjoyed it, just not as much as the previous game I played.

      It was an extremely emotional and touching story, focusing on Joel, a man who lost his daughter during a zombie outbreak, and Ellie, a young girl who somehow developed immunity to the zombie infection. Together they travelled across a torn country, ravaged by the zombie outbreak, military quarantines, and of course, bandits and thugs, as they tried to get to a group known as the Fireflies who they believed could somehow study Ellie to develop a cure for the zombie apocalypse.

      Gameplay was quite clunky, not as satisfying or rewarding as the gameplay in Horizon Zero Dawn, but like I said, this game focused heavily on the story, and it indeed was a great story. Some people might not enjoy the game, as like I said, the "game" element can be quite light, but those who are intrigued by the story will undoubtedly be looking forward to the sequel.


      On to the game I'm currently playing, Spider-Man. This game, is amazing. I just 100%-ed the main story and am now playing through the first of three DLCs.

      Gameplay is incredible. So many good things about it. Swinging through NY is so fun I never use the fast travel feature. I also like how the background music starts playing the moment you start swinging and stops once you land. A very superhero touch. Combat is so fun and satisfying, the way Spidey can jump and flip between baddies, thwip his webs here and there, jump off walls or hang from the ceiling and yank thugs into the air and suspend them from a cocoon, so much fun! There's so much detail in the game and in the city, it's truly remarkable. From the citizens walking around NY giving you high-fives, to the pigeons that cast shadows as they fly around, to all the Marvel easter eggs in the game, like the Avengers Tower, the Sanctum Sanctorum, Alias Investigations, and the Wakandan embassy, the dev team really paid close attention to as many details as they could, and it shows.

      The story was amazing as well. With Doctor Octavius transforming to Doc Ock before our eyes, Peter and MJ having relationship problems, Fisk behind bars leading to a power vacuum in the city, and with Aunt May also heavily featured in the game, this isn't just a good Spider-Man story, it's a great superhero story as well. Miles Morales is also in the game, and we get to play as him for certain missions too (we can also control MJ from time to time).

      There's so much to love about this game, I really hope we get a sequel sometime in the near future (with more Spidey-MJ banter).

      I still have a few games on my list to go through. God of War, Watch Dogs 2, maybe even Red Dead Redemption 2. Any other games you'd like to recommend for me? Also, what games have you been playing recently?

    • I envy you the fresh perspective and only three games :)

      For what it's worth, I'm finishing the Frozen Wilds DLC for the Horizon Zero Dawn and am similarly impressed with the game, I wrote about it elsewhere on Cake, I believe, as well as about God of War, which I am now leisurely mopping up towards a Platinum trophy.

      My daily staple is a bit of Elite:Dangerous because I am involved in a transgalactic expedition there :)

      I have friends in a very active clan (which was born out of our EvE Online past) playing Destiny2 daily, but last 6-8 months I just don't have the time to properly grind out, so I rarely take part.

      In terms of recommendations, and seeing as you seem to like a good story, I suggest you take a look at Witcher 3, it's regularly on sale these days, will all the nice DLCs included even, and it's still a MASSIVE game based on an excellent fantasy saga.

      You may also want to check out Assassin's Creed:Odyssey

    • Is Witcher 3 a continuation of the first two games in the franchise? What I mean is would I be able to enjoy the game without playing the prior games in the franchise?

      I do like the AC franchise. Played all the games up until Black Flag I think, haven't played anything since then, so I have a lot of catching up to do 🤣

    • I haven't played the first two Witchers, but as far as I can say, Witcher 3 is very eminently playable as a standalone game.

      With AC, I'm with you - I have both Origins (the Egyptian one) and Odyssey, and am stubbornly refusing to play the latter before I finish the former :)

    • If you haven't given it a try, check out the Uncharted series. It's the closest you'll get to being a modern day Indiana Jones. They're supposedly turning it into a feature film starring Tom Holland (of current Spider-Man fame), but are still a ways away from going into production.

      Also be sure to try Until Dawn, which is a fantastic horror game. I'm normally not one to play horror themed games, but this one was so great. It's cast has the likes of Hayden Panettiere (The Cheerleader from Heroes), Peter Stormare (He was great in Fargo, The Big Lebowski and many other films) and Rami Malek (who just won an Academy Award for Bohemian Rhapsody and is compelling as Mr. Robot). Your decisions do matter and can mean life or death for the characters. But what makes it have so much replay value is that there are different endings for each scenario.

      I hope you're ready for The Last of Us 2, which the lead actress has said is the best game ever.

      Detroit: Become Human was pretty good, but only worth one run through in my opinion. Decent storyline, decent gameplay (much like it's creator's previous games of Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain, which were both excellent), but not something I'd want to spend a lot of time replaying, unlike God of War or the Uncharted series.

      Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice was a unique and fun game to play. It's puzzles took some adjusting to and playing with headphones on (it's the best way to experience this one) really messes with your head. She's schizophrenic, so you'll hear voices that make you doubt your decisions. Though it's available on both PC, Xbox & PS4, it's worth a play through.

      And lastly, I'm currently playing Red Dead Redemption 2, taking my time and robbing stage coaches and enjoying the beautiful graphics. It took some getting used to, but now I'm enjoying it and am excited to see where the story leads.

      And I completely agree with your review of the Spider-Man & Last of Us games. Wasn't the biggest fan of Horizon Zero Dawn, though. Just didn't care for the gameplay for some reason. I can see why a lot of people like it, it just wasn't for me.

    • If you're going to play one of the bunch I mentioned, go with Uncharted. I started with Uncharted 3 and absolutely loved it. And Uncharted 4 is a pirate adventure story, so you really can't go wrong there.

    • If you're not entirely against 1st person shooters, give Destiny2 a try. Great graphics, very fluid motion, and you don't have to engage in PvP, meaning you don't need to go up against teenagers with lightning reflexes and 1000s of hours of gameplay under their belt. In fact, there are cooperative play modes where you can team up with them to take down baddies.

      Good for an occasional mindless kill-em-all session.

    • I'm totally with you on that one, but Destiny really gets the mechanics of controller play right, it doesn't take long to get into it.