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    • Incredibly dull indeed. Their design team is definitely in a rut, and like I said earlier, it just feels like a lazy copy of the BMW GS. There's other directions they could have gone--more Desert Sled style like that Carducci bike Dracula linked, or Rally style like nobody at all is making. (I mean seriously, why is nobody making a Rally bike?)

      I heard about the electric, but again, the styling is all old-school H-D, and it looks heavy as a... well... hog. So much opportunity wasted. I want an electric that looks like I stole it from the set of a Tron movie.

    • It would have looked much better with a classic single or even dual round headlight. I really don't know what they were thinking (or not, perhaps).

    • I'll be honest, I like the styling way more than hd's normal styling. And it's nice to see them trying to adapt to a market that's not entirely enamored with the whole low riding hog image and full dress functionality. Remember when they were so freaked out about damaging image that they started an entirely new company to house their innovations... Buell . They actually came up with some really cool engineering under Buell I could nit picka few points. But all in all I like the mix of heritage and modern tweaks.

      It looks nothing like a GS.

      The orange concept drawing...looks like someone had shrunk the top proportions for a midget, and kept the bottom for regular human proportions. That one will stay in the realm of comic books.

    • A GS? No. That is not anything like Paris/Dakar tank. The heads aren't sticking out like two fire hydrants from the sides of the engine. And where's the "raised eyebrow"? Where's the beak? :D

      I'll tell ya what it does remind me of though...