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    • I have ridden that one. Harley had an 18-wheeler touring the country (and world?) a few years ago, giving demo rides as part of a lottery. I got chosen, and made my way to Petaluma HD for a ride.

      It was reasonably fast, and nimble. I really liked it, except for the 50 mile range of the lightweight battery they had installed for these rides. The touch screen even worked with my gloves on. I wasn't fond of the mirrors they had below the grip (it appears they've fixed them), and the seat pocket seemed a little small for my American sized butt (I'm 215 lbs). I think it would be perfect for my daily commute. I could make it to and from work on a single charge, or plug in at work for a longer ride home.

      I thought it was production ready 3-4 years ago, so I'm surprised it took this long to get it into the showrooms.