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    • Putting relationship quality at the center of education, does that make a difference?

      I loved this article because it reminded me of awesome teachers I have had in my past. Enthusiastic dedicated teachers who loved what they were teaching and loved us as students.

      I can remember a fantastic high school English teacher who successfully taught us to love literature and tried hard to make learning a wonderful experience.

      I remember she had us spend a week on Edgar Allan Poe and similar authors and poets. We were given a task of making things interesting. My group made tombstone shaped cookies with writing on them. We had to write some poetry ourselves so we would realize that it could be challenging but also rewarding. We acted out a lot of plays. We memorized several classic poems.

      Anyone have teachers they remember that had an impact on their lives?

    • For me it was Mr. Davis, freshman high school science teacher. He had a terribly scarred face from a chemistry experiment gone wrong so the other kids made fun of him. They made fun of me too, so we had a special bond and it changed the course of my life. I chose science as the field I would study.