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    • Oooooo Iceland, that is a country very high on my bucket list and a return sailing on the ferry via the Faroe Islands.

      I have a bunch of customers and friends who are Icelandic and are hounding me to come over, right up to a year or so ago.

      Once the Walter Mitty Movie came out, 'people' found out about Iceland and it became overcrowded in a lot of areas. They as locals advised to wait a few years until the 'tourists' move to the next big thing.

      A friend of mine is very well known photographer who does shows and shoots the most random things in his own unique style but is well loved, so if you do get there and find yourself in a city where he has an exibition on, please go say hi from me!

    • I've been fortunate enough to visit Iceland, just in the winter (actually, exactly 5 years ago, I believe, today!) and they don't let you rappel down volcanoes that time of year, just the summer. I'd love to see it when the sun doesn't set, as opposed to when I visited when we got maybe 3-4 hours of daylight and it was freezing cold as seen in the below photo of me on the black beach of Djupalónssandur.

    • Its an amazing world out there don't let the press sway your decision and make you go to Florida for your vacation!



      Yet, there's a LOT to see for me still in North America...I doubt I'll do any substantial overseas travel in the remainder of my lifetime because of that.

      Now, my company did send me on a two-week excursion to Japan several years ago. Fun trip, and yes we did get to wander the streets of Tokyo for a weekend.

      This was in mid-December, and quite obvious that Christmas celebrations weren't a thing there - at all.

    • Last week I drove almost 5400 miles to California and back. Not adventurous. Last summer I went to Thailand and took my bicycle down all sorts of dirt back roads. I hardly knew any of the language, didn't use a map and I felt it was fairly adventurous. I think really adventurous would be to travel somewhere without a plan and with very little money and not knowing the native language. That'd be serious adventure.