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    • Certainly many people are upset the way Donald Trump acts and the way he governs and divides the usa but there also are some benefits from his presidency. Here's my attempt to focus on some of the good things that have come about by having Trump and Republicans in office. It also includes things that may be good despite him being in office. Certainly each thing could have a positive or negative spin depending on your perception or position. Feel free to add to the list and/or attack individual points. I won't try too hard to attack or defend the points.

      For full disclosure I'm left leaning, Canadian and hate Trump and everything his character stands for. Not to say everything the Republicans do is bad and should be ignored. It could also be a way of helping me get out of my echo chamber. It may also be as much an exercise for me to fight discouragement at what is happening than anything else. Maybe it'll help some of us. Here goes...

      1) He's demonstrates to some of us the importance of listening to or understanding science.

      2) He is rather dovish despite his lofty rethoric and making some of us nervous he's in charge of the nuke button.

      3) He is putting more attention on the problem with the situation with China in regards to the stealing of American ideas, technology and science.

      4) People are looking more closely at what can be done to get jobs back in America. Particularly jobs for the uneducated to move into (or back into) the middle class.

      5) He is bringing people's frustration of immigration or rather illegal immigration to the forefront.

      6) He popularized Keynesian economics. He essentially spent billions of dollars on stimulating the economy in the form of a tax cut. Yeah it may have disproportionally favoured the wealthy but it's still a Keynesian type policy that in essence was the government spending money (or going into debt) in order to stimulate the economy. He's also been part of a massive Keynesian type policy to send checks to Americans who are adversely affected by Covid-19.

      7) He has demonstrated yet again that the Republican idea that government debt is the end all be all of bad things - isn't really something to be all that concerned about so long as interest rates are low. And interest rates will be low for a heck of a long time to come I'm sure.

      8) For religous people (and there's a lot of them in the USA) he has turned the tables towards fewer abortions. I'm pro choice but many (minority in the usa) aren't and they will be happy about the new direction this is taking.

      9) Not sure how to make it a positive that the supreme court is more conservative but I'll add it and someone can tell me why they like it this way. Certainly we can't ignore the 45-50% or so of American citizens who likely prefer a conservative leaning supreme court.

      10) Canadians will have a generally greater appreciation for the American/Canadian trading relationship. Maybe more like the importance of not relying so much on Americans as a trading partner. Nevertheless we have been made hyper aware of the significance of our American neighbors and how they do things.

      11) The USA navy got a huge influx of money to fight a naval war with China they will never fight... Not sure how to spin this...

      12) #metoo movement and women's rights and treatment has been given the spotlight.

      13) Immigrant groups mistreatment has been highlighted.

      14) Black lives matter.

      15) Concern for the environment and climate change has grown despite Trump. Trump may even have somehow made this more of an issue.

      16) Trade deals have been renegotiated. Yeah some have been cancelled or not enacted (Pacific Rim) but...

      17) More Americans are spending time at home with their families due to Covid-19...

      18) Conspiracy theories have grown and the importance of vaccinating people against ignorance along with it.

      19) New appreciation for Obama and intelligent speech. But also a new recognition that many Americans trust someone who speaks in simple language to them.

      20) Greater recognition of a generation that is having a tougher time finding good paying work in jobs that don't require a higher education.

      21) Greater recognition of a worldwide growing populist movement and a need to address those who aren't cosmopolitain and have been left behind.

      22) Recognition that the USA needs it's allies now more than ever with the growing China threat.

      23) Greater appreciation for American institutions. At least by those on the left.

      24) Greater appreciation for the value of the way the presidency used to be handled and that laws are required to tighten up what presidents can do.

      25) He is addressing China's potential infiltration into American telecommunications sector.

      26) Movement away from America saying it'll pay for policing the world so that other countries will grow economically and thereby help America prosper economically. This is a changing of the old way of doing things and maybe a recognition that the USA isn't the only superpower anymore and that other countries have to step up.

      26) Your thoughts here :)

      I had considered posting a picture of Make America Great Again but as a Canadian I thought that wouldn't be a good thing and might turn off too many lefties like myself. I do try to be non-partisan as much as possible and evaluate the merits of each idea regardless of who presents it.