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    • ThePG

      I love 'em. I see majesty, nobility, strength, and integrity. If only my native country's politicians would reflect those traits.

      This image of an immature bald eagle was captured at Barr Lake State Park in Adams County, CO in February 2017. Every year starting around December - January, bald eagles begin to migrate through Colorado. Barr Lake wildlife officials take a daily count of eagles at the park and on this day, the count was 53. There is a nesting pair at the park, and as I continue to add to this conversation, I will introduce them and other eagles to you. Thanks for joining the conversation!

    • ThePG

      Thanks, Chris! I'm no Scott Bourne, but I try!

    • ThePG

      This may be the nesting pair of eagles at Barr Lake State Park in Adams County, CO. It cannot be confirmed due to distance and time of year, as it is during the annual migration.

      The nesting pair has been seen at the lake every year since 1986, which is remarkable when you consider that before this lake / reservoir was created (over a hundred years ago), it was a buffalo wallow!

      In the background is what I believe to be Centralia Mountain (9,795ft / 2985.5), Thorodin Mountain (10,540ft / 3212.6m) and Starr Peak (10,511ft / 3203.7m) which, for Colorado, are some of our smaller to average sized peaks. But it is only a guess, as I am horrible at identifying Colorado peaks.

    • ThePG

      This is an immature bald eagle I photographed at Barr Lake back in February or March. I was astonished at how calm it was at my presence. Most eagles will fly away if you get too close, but this one was not only unruffled at my presence, but even seemed to be a bit curious! I was only too happy to oblige it!

    • Pa

      I always think of immature bald ealges as wearing "camo" clothing. Especially in B&W images.

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