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    • I think a useful addition would be the option to hide a conversation, such that it does not appear in any of the listings. Some things I just don't care about, and I'm quite sure that others feel the same. This would be targeted at threads, not users, and it would override chronology or activity. I suppose one would have to think about some way to undo it, perhaps a special option that lists the hidden conversations. Maybe it would be sufficient to hide them in the For Me tab but not in the All tab, dunno.

    • This feels like a very good idea. At one time we implemented this on Adventure Rider, my motorcycle forum, and it was very popular. Unfortunately, we couldn't get it to scale there so when traffic got high, it would bring the site down. Perhaps an easy-enough-for-consumers option would be wherever we have the option to follow, such as for topics and conversations, we provide the choice to ignore. That doesn't seem easy on places like Facebook, to ignore politics for example.

      The problem we had with ADVrider was at high traffic we couldn't solve the performance problems. Our engineers at Cake say it would take some great engineering to pull it off at scale, which is one reason we haven't tackled it. Right now we're working on finishing up search, the iOS app, and @mentions in the editor, all pretty big tasks.