I feel confused about the topic of insects.

On the one hand, I myself think I am seeing less insects, especially butterflies. When I was growing up I saw butterflies constantly. Now I rarely see them.

So I knew I wanted to read this article:

And it was pretty compelling and the NY Times usually is pretty reputable. But I am hooked on Rob Dunn's non-fiction books and just finished reading this one:

In that book he cites the huge numbers of insects in the world and the impact they can have on the food we eat, both negatively and positively.

And one previous book of his (that I partially read) also mentions huge numbers of insects. So many that they have not even come close to being categorized, let alone studied.

The conclusion I have reached is that maybe insects in our daily lives are not as plentiful but that out in nature somewhere there are still lots of them. I am hoping that is the case but worrying about local ones.

As we destroy more and more natural habitat are we reducing the number of insects as well as plants and other creatures?