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    • I wouldn't like to inventory my drawer of used, partially-working earbuds I've tried over the years. It's my drawer of shame, a tangled mass of electronic waste.

      When AirPods shipped it all changed. One pair has lasted more than two years. I wear them biking, running, in the shower, walking and talking on the phone (I always walk when on the phone). Never had one fall out except when changing t-shirts or wrestling kids or dogs.

      But I need a backup pair and I perceive the battery life in my old AirPods isn't what it used to be. I have to use just one when talking on the phone while the other charges.

      Enter these new Beats. Apparently, slightly better sound for music? Better base? Over-the-ear thingies to keep them from falling out? Sealing out ambient noise (that sounds hazardous while running & biking).

      Can't decide. Anyone else paralyzed by this first-world dilemma?

    • If I had the spare cash to buy a backup for my Airpods this would be it, especially since the Airpods are not the best fit for my ears. But these would definitely not be in my everyday carry simply because they are too big. The Airpods with the case are such a tiny form factor that they live in my pockets everywhere I go, I don't see the Beats going with me everywhere I go. For working out and other times when space were not an issue these would be great.

    • Okay, you and more reviews I read convinced me and I went to place my order. But now that I have my heart set on them I found out they don't ship until May. 😳 What a terrible first-world problem to have to face.

    • Apparently, Amazon is preparing to ship their competitor to AirPods in the fall:

      Apparently, the big draw will be Alexa built in and possibly a lower price, as Amazon tends to do.

      I hadn't really thought about what Alexa being built in means. I hope it means when you're out running you can tell your podcast app to skip back 30 seconds. But I suppose it could also mean asking Alexa to read you the text you just got. Huh.