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    • After 100+ posts and moderating several panels, I’ve decided to focus my time and energies elsewhere.  I’ve been on-again/off-again with political activism for the past few years and I’ve decided it’s time to switch back to “on”.  I’ve enjoyed some great conversation here with such likable folks as @lidja @Factotum @ChrisJenkins @yaypie @JazliAziz and countless others.  I thought about leaving you with a list of ways to improve Cake, sort of a final observations thingie, but the reality is that building something on the scale of Cake is not easy, that mistakes can and do happen, that the fixes required may already be in the works, and that one user’s viewpoint of the way things could/should be is not always best for long-term sustainability.  Should you be politically left of center, you can keep up with my digital activism efforts by clicking here. Should you be not, best not to click.  



    • I've enjoyed conversations with you as well.

      May I suggest that "not focusing attention" here doesn't necessarily entail leaving?

      As I noted in my "mental bandwidth" post, it can be difficult to stay on top of all of the platforms available, but I do enjoy the conversations here when I can fit it in.

    • We will miss you but thanks for letting us know. You've said and done some wonderful things here.

    • Thank you for the conversations we had, @apm.

      I don't want to persuade you of anything, but with the recent changes on all kinds of social platforms, I feel that it isn't really necessary to really stick to one platform and one cause exclusively. You may be right in thinking that Twitter is the better platform for the kind of activism you want to concentrate on for the moment - if you have the audience over there - but perhaps there's something else eventually that works better elsewhere, including here on Cake. Perhaps we'll meet again! :)

    • Exactly my point. I don't feel like participation in any platform entails a commitment which must be entered into and left. I've had my Twitter account for a decade, yet I only use it from time to time.

    • I'm that way too. I occasionally use Quora, which I like. Sometimes I try to make edits and suggestions on Wikipedia, I follow some family on Facebook, follow ultra running races on Twitter, spend time on YouTube, ADVrider and Reddit daily. It's so strange that I love photography but haven't gotten into Instagram or Flickr's groups much.

      I think what drives me is intellectual curiosity more than anything, but for some people it's validation, entertainment, a hobby, or career (LinkedIn).

    • I'm sad to see you go and I wish you could simply take a sabbatical instead. But all those reasons are a bit selfish as I've enjoyed conversations with you and your invaluable feedback and insights. Your legacy is imprinted on Cake.

      With that, I'm happy to see you exploring digital activism in the age of insane political atmosphere. We need change and people with enthusiasm and passion like yours are leading the way.



    • I'm sad to see you go. I've enjoyed reading your entries and interacting with you too.

      I hope to see you here again someday.