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    • I went out on a limb today and made a bold statement.

      The iPhone is not the best smartphone camera anymore. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ trumps it in several ways: it's better in low light, stabilization of video and it has three main lenses, vs. 2 on the premium iPhones.

      I love the 3rd lens, the ulta-wide one. It's a little crazy and distorted, but it sure adds a lot.

      Below, two normal shots, iPhone XS Max on top, Galaxy S10+ below. Both are fabulous, while the iPhone is a little warmer. Which do you prefer?

      In the videos below, look at the image stabilization and the wide view of the Galaxy, vs. the iPhone.

      iPhone XS Max, in the closet.

      Galaxy S10+

      Just sayin, but if you shoot in the dark, you want the Google Pixel 3.

      Ultra-wide, wide and portrait. 

      Most of the Samsung photo tricks are gimmicks that would be used once or twice. Software wise, iPhone wins it. Transferring of files is a breeze with the iPhone, and it's own bag of camera tricks are not just useful, but highly memorable. As in the "Long Exposure" water trick that I'm in love with, per @Chris.

      But optically, sorry iPhone users, but Samsung's got a better camera. Let's hope Apple copies it big time for the fall!

    • Both are fabulous, while the iPhone is a little warmer. Which do you prefer?

      I like the warmth, the feeling of sunset on the left and the brighter sand in the iPhone photo. I don’t know if the Galaxy photo is technically superior, and I wonder if I could take the Galaxy photo and use a photo app to recreate the warmth below. Interesting side by side comparison.

    • I also prefer the warmth of the sun from the iPhone XS Max. It comes down to each manufacturer’s algorithm preprocessing of the photo. The taste preferences for warmer or cooler tint are very much subjective. However, there is room to tweak the color balance after the fact to make them both look very similar.

      P.S. @apm I’m pretty sure the photo is of the sunrise. Here is a photo I took of the sunset at the Oceanside, California of the pier. It is just an hour South of the pier in the picture.

    • Apple definitely no longer has the best smartphone camera. Samsung and Google have much more versatile and simply better cameras, but lately Huawei has been doing amazing things, and the P30 Pro has tech journalists buzzing with excitement.

      Unfortunately this phone isn't an option for Americans, politics and security and all that.