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    • The key will be giving users the maximum of control over filtering what they see and what they don't

      Would be nice if we could filter our home feeds -- show all topics, or deselect some, or all but one.

    • Featured conversations are manually curated. Sometimes we feature conversations because they're lively discussions (or because we think they could become lively discussions if seen by a wider audience). Other times we might feature something that only has a few posts because we think it's particularly compelling or thought-provoking, or because it's clear that a lot of work went into it. There's no specific algorithm or selection process involved.

    • hmmm......

      I can see the reasoning but then it becomes bias based on the panels choice of what is lively or thought provoking. More headline driven than perhaps actual participation, but may gain participation just by having folks get in on a 'featured" story.

      Might be seen as playing favorites, any social platform has the look at me factor and the satisfaction of being "special" the current method is not what I would call fair or unbiased, yet it is also your play ground so...

      just my friday 0.02

    • We don't have an algorithm for picking conversations to be featured. At the moment we are manually featuring conversations that we think are either interesting or show the potential of Cake for newcomers. We used to just show an "All" feed for people who visit Cake and don't have an account so they'll see everything as it gets published.

      True story: At one point we literally had a conversation with a photo of a toilet as a first thing people saw when checking out Cake. It was an appropriate photo for what the conversation was about, but made us think about our first impressions. So the "featured" feed's priority quickly escalated on our to-do list. 😂

    • I can see the reasoning but then it becomes bias based on the panels choice of what is lively or thought provoking.

      That's certainly a danger. Though I can tell you that already there have been a number of featured convos that expressed ideas some or all of us don't necessarily agree with, but which we chose to feature because they were interesting and thoughtful nonetheless.

      The main reason we added the concept of human-curated featured posts is that we needed a way to present high quality content to people who visit Cake without logging in.

      Often these people are seeing Cake for the first time, and since they're not logged in we can't show them a personalized "For You" feed. We could show them the "All" feed, but since it contains everything it's much more likely to have low quality content (and sometimes spammy or abusive content can briefly slip through before we're able to moderate it).

      So the "Featured" feed is a way to present the best of Cake to first-time visitors and help them understand what Cake is about.