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    • science is based on objective experimentation and verification.

      That is exactly right.

      Much of today's politics and social reform is based on the subjectivity of individuals and to a lesser degree the subjectivity of perceived groups or reactions to perceived groups.

      When it began I do not know, but the modern idea of "race" is less than 2000 years old.

      This article in the New Yorker discusses the fact that the ancient Greeks and Romans were not obsessed by skin color:

      It is true that ethnic prejudice existed among both the greeks and the romans, but that prejudice was based on other criteria not skin coloration.

      Objectively, from a hard science viewpoint, "race" does not exist.

      This is not, however, a denial that racism exists nor is it a denial that those who are suppressed by the racism of others are truly affected by a real problem. I used the phrase "hard science" in the previous paragraph, because the problem while real is created by an artificial construct. It is a construct which has been in place for centuries and can not be eliminated by pretending that it does not exist, but it is still created by the combined subjectivity of many humans sharing in the perpetuation of the construct.

      Postmodernism seems to me to be building more artificial constructs than it is eliminating.