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    • I love the show with all its stereotypes, anecdotes and plain mockery of our Silicon Valley tech industry. Sometimes instead of a comedy it feels like a documentary of what is actually happening in a short and hectic life of a Startup.

      As the new season rolled in, the fictional Pied Piper startup had redesigned their logo. In real life I often see startups redesign their identity after raising new funding. I've found the article on a Brand New blog, which I often visit to check out candid reviews of a brand and logo redesigns. It turns out that HBO went an extra mile and also created a full blown website for the Pied Piper.

      What do you guys think about the redesigned logo? How would you change? Does it really reflect Pied Piper's team and mission?

    • The old logo was just bad. Like a piece of Microsoft Word clipart. The new logo conveys a cleaner, more techy aesthetic that evokes the feathered cap without actually using a feathered cap, but it still leads to the question: WTF does the name "pied piper" have to do with what this company does?

      The Pied Piper of Hamelin abducted all the children in the town when the townsfolk refused to pay him. Not exactly the best impression for a startup that wants to create a "new Internet"!

      This is one of the things I love about the show. The name "Pied Piper" is utterly ridiculous, but I can also completely believe that a real startup would unironically choose this name without considering the connotations. 😄

    • I like the update for the purposes of the show, but if ignoring this context, the ridiculous name, and judging the logo only on its merits, (independent of the show) it’s just ok.

      There is one thing that’s particularly clever about it: the “feather” also feels like the edge of a page turning. This speaks (vaguely) to the mission of the company — if you think about the internet as a collection of “pages” — while still nodding to a past visual iteration of the brand. While I like that aspect, the rest feels very 2010 to me. I kind of want to see a rounder corner on the box so the shape feels a tad more organic. The font feels a little too boxy for my taste as well.

      But I think for the purposes of the show, these might be good design decisions since it only ever appears on screen briefly. In a way, it’s kind of a cartoon of an actual logo, so it’s probably smart that it feels very 2010.

    • I feel like we’re all missing the point. Vilen hit it when he said “documentary”. Maybe it’s a mocumentary?

      Several companies I’ve worked for have gone through phases where someone decided the logo (and even the name) had to change to move forward. Sometimes it was to improve the image and sometimes it’s been to emphasize core business (you are a company who sells 3D but have a flat logo).

      I think the new logo is just one more dig at the valley.

    • I feel silly making a serious critque of logo intended to be a joke, but here goes anyway!

      The old logo may have been ridiculous, but I understood the connection between name and image. The new one? Not at all. If I hadn't seen the first image, the second one would be devoid of meaning to me.

      I guess it comes down to the reason the organization involved has a logo. If it's to promote its business, then I would think that the more the logo, clearly and without complication, communicates a benefit to a current or a potential customer, the better. If it's just a piece of artwork they want to feel good about, or they want customers to go to the trouble of researching it, then clarity of message isn't an issue.

      FWIW, a lot of logos befuddle me. Maybe I shouldn't admit that, eh?