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    • The motocross track has finally opened back up today for the first time this year after the restrictions were put into effect to limit the spread of the virus. Tomorrow I’m going riding and I’m super excited. I’ll take it easy because we don’t want to take unnecessary risks when our hospitals are dealing with other things. There are a lot of new physical distancing rules and it’s very restricted at the track but dang I’m excited to go back there to ride. What are you excited about doing as the restrictions are eased up?

    • This little dirt route I had time to create combining some of the best offroad tracks I've ridden and others have shared with me

    • Not much has changed for me, I wasn't planning to hug anyone but Id like to once again trust motorcycle travel can be done safely, staying in hotels and campgrounds safely from the health perspective.

    • Honestly, I'm looking forward to eating a Big Mac next wednesday when McDonalds reopens.

      Garden centres reopen on Monday, I can get paint for the garden shed, weedkiller,etc.

      it's the small things I miss.

    • My wife and I were just talking about how we miss taking the kids to Six Flags and Great America. We don’t know when they will ever reopen.

      In the meantime, Zero is delivering one of these to us to test for two weeks. We want to ride it up through SF and the coast highway and camp for the night somewhere.