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    • Have you heard of a positive feedback loop? It's a biological term (or at least, that's where I learned it) where the increase of a certain product enhances its own production, which will lead to even greater amounts of said product. This is exactly what led me to watch Adam Sandler's newest Netflix movie, Murder Mystery.

      You see, I wasn't planning on watching this movie. I thought it would just be a simple movie with not much substance, a simple plot, and some lame Adam Sandler humour. I was right actually, the movie was all of that. I ended up watching it solely because of the effects of the positive feedback loop. You see, for some strange reason, this movie broke Netflix's viewership record with almost 31 million unique account views in the first three days of the movie's release. Thirty. One. Million. For an Adam Sandler movie. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to watch it, thus contributing to the already insane amount of views this movie has, hence, the positive feedback loop taking effect.

      So what did I think about the movie? It was ok. The premise is exactly as the title suggests, it's a murder mystery. A group of people are in an enclosed space (in this case, a yacht), the lights go out, and when they come back on again, gasp! There's been a murder! Which means, someone on the yacht is a murderer. What ensues is a chaotic search for the murderer, as Nick and Audrey (Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston) attempt to clear their names as everyone else thinks they did it, in the bar, with a dagger (get the reference?).

      It's a typical murder mystery with the classic French detective who is so aloof and silly that you have to wonder if this stereotype has some truth to it, and a group of extremely mismatched people - a race car driver who can't speak English, an old army colonel who lost one eye and his hulking Russian bodyguard, a maharaja who thinks he's a cool cat, a glamorous actress who every man dreams of, a dashing gentleman who every woman dreams of, the estranged son who seems to have accomplished nothing in his life, and a young foreign woman, who loves the old rich billionaire and is set to inherit his entire fortune because they are so in love. Like I said, typical murder mystery.

      To be fair, this cliche can actually be entertaining, if done well. And for the most part, I'd say this movie was done well. It was a little rough at the beginning, with Adam Sandler's typical childish and brash humour which was more cringeworthy than funny, but once the pace picked up after the murder, things went more smoothly. It wasn't as serious or as intriguing as say, Murder on the Orient Express, but it was engaging enough to keep me watching till the very end.

      Would I recommend it? Sure. If you already have a Netflix account and are looking for something to fill an hour and a half of your time, go ahead and watch it. I don't think it's that bad to the point where you would regret watching it, but at the same time I wouldn't recommend anyone spend money to watch this movie if it was released in the cinema. For a streaming movie, I think this is perfect. It's simple but intriguing enough to keep you to the very end, and most importantly, it knows it's not Murder on the Orient Express, so it doesn't try to be. Although, the movie does pay homage to the Agatha Christie novel right at the end, a classy touch in my eyes.

    • I actually watched this movie this past week and really enjoyed it! It played around with the tropes of the classic UK murder mystery (which I love) - striking scenery, mysterious characters, and two hapless stand-ins for the audience played by Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston who add a touch of humor to the proceedings.

      I hope that MURDER MYSTERY's success leads to more films in the genre - comedy / crime-solving capers with surprise action elements.

      As a sidenote, it also lent itself to a rom-com format of sorts - bringing our lead couple closer together through celebrating their anniversary and whirlwind circumstances! And the comedic touch of the horrible bus tour that Adam Sandler wanted to take them on made me laugh.

    • Life has a way of turning on a dime almost faster than one can even make plans. We have been so privileged to be in the same state with this one, her husband and our adorable grandson. While I would love the perceived “stability” of our former agrarian society where families oft stayed in the same town their entire lives, I would sadly miss the ease of life with the technology and innovations to which I have become accustomed. ( not to mention I wouldn’t have a job.)

      Technology and economy being what they are Christi, Christian and Adler find themselves on the road today, (literally), on a new adventure to Atlanta for the summer. If all goes as planned that may indeed be their place of residence going past the summer. I am all for their adventure in my head, but my heart hasn’t caught up. Having grown up with amazing grandparents and then my girls not being afforded that treasure, I was determined to be THAT, Nonnie, with and for Adler. Impromptu sleep overs, bike rides, long chats side by side as we poured over the bazillion children’s books I’ve saved, but, sigh, life isn’t that Norman Rockwell painting of my heart and memories and I will have to figure out ways to be, 'there” for him even if not with my physical presence.

      So, Christi and Christian, Godspeed. I love you to the moon and back. Kiss my bubba, Adler, for me and I’ve got, Leo, safely here with me until you are ready to get him.