Life has a way of turning on a dime almost faster than one can even make plans. We have been so privileged to be in the same state with this one, her husband and our adorable grandson. While I would love the perceived “stability” of our former agrarian society where families oft stayed in the same town their entire lives, I would sadly miss the ease of life with the technology and innovations to which I have become accustomed. ( not to mention I wouldn’t have a job.)

Technology and economy being what they are Christi, Christian and Adler find themselves on the road today, (literally), on a new adventure to Atlanta for the summer. If all goes as planned that may indeed be their place of residence going past the summer. I am all for their adventure in my head, but my heart hasn’t caught up. Having grown up with amazing grandparents and then my girls not being afforded that treasure, I was determined to be THAT, Nonnie, with and for Adler. Impromptu sleep overs, bike rides, long chats side by side as we poured over the bazillion children’s books I’ve saved, but, sigh, life isn’t that Norman Rockwell painting of my heart and memories and I will have to figure out ways to be, 'there” for him even if not with my physical presence.

So, Christi and Christian, Godspeed. I love you to the moon and back. Kiss my bubba, Adler, for me and I’ve got, Leo, safely here with me until you are ready to get him.