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    • This lovely black-crested titmouse (Baeolophus atricristatus) makes my Top 100 anthology list because these are among my favorite song birds. The photo also came out just the way I wanted with a perfectly blurred background and native vegetation for context. Another of my older images made with an 8MP camera by the way. I also like their machine-gun-style song.

      If you're having a rough weekend like I am - do what I did this morning - take 10 seconds and watch the video linked above - it is calming to me, anyway.

    • Another gorgeous image, Scott. It's strange to me since I'm so obsessed with animals, that until this year I haven't had much interest in birds. I can't explain it. Maybe seeing your photos, maybe taking photos of so many in Costa Rica two months ago, suddenly anything that flies has caught my attention. Exception: running in the Baylands like I do often, the white egrets there always take my breath away.

      I watched the video you linked and the funny thing is I get some anxious butterflies when I hear birds sing. It isn't because I don't love it, I do, but I wake up to it every morning. And the first thing I think of when I wake up is ALL THE STUFF I GOTTA DO TODAY!

      I just went outside and sat for 10 minutes listening to the symphony of birds. Funny I've never done that before. I took my camera hoping to capture one like you have but no. Almost got a hummingbird.